Blonde Restaurant





A selection of British and European cheeses; spiced fruit chutney; olives; biscuits £10.75



Cockburn’s Fine Ruby (50ml) £2.95 Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage £3.75



Ice-cream – various flavours £5.95
Steamed summer berry and cinnamon pudding, fig and apple ice-cream £6.25
Dark chocolate and raspberry torte; white chocolate sauce; rum and coconut ice-cream £6.25
Chilled red wine poached pear;; berry puree; strawberry and rose sorbet £5.95
 Salted caramel crème brulee £5.95
“Coffee, coffee, coffee!”; scoop of coffee ice cream, espresso, shot of Kahlua £6.75



Dessert Wine


Why not enjoy a glass of our delicious dessert wine?

Sweet Raquel Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc – Chile
Glowing gold in colour; luscious late harvest style; pronounced citrus and honeyed flavours

100ml glass £4.95 37.5cl bottle £17.90








Herbal/ Fruit tea

Americano £2.20 Elderflower, raspberry and cranberry £2.10
Cappuccino £2.20 Blackcurrant, ginseng and vanilla £2.10
Espresso £1.90 Lemon and ginger £2.10
Double espresso £2.30 Camomile and spiced apple £2.10
Café latte £2.10 Pure flowers of camomile £2.10
Macchiato £2.10 Peppermint £2.10
    Raspberry, strawberry and loganberry £2.10


Traditional English £2.10 Pure Ceylon £2.10
Green tea £2.10 Pure Assam £2.10
Earl Grey/ Lady Grey £2.10 Pure Darjeeling £2.10
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